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"Web Accelerators Versus High Speed Lite for Dial-up Service "

If you've seen or even tried out one of the 'Free Web Accelerators' available for download, you might be wondering what the difference is with High Speed Lite?  Well, a web accelerator is basically just a program designed to speed the loading of pages or downloading of files.  The most common way these programs do this is by pre-fetching every link associated with a page you are currently viewing and pre-downloading the content of those pages directly into your browser's cache. If you happen to click on a link within a page, and if a cached copy of that page happens to be pre-fetched into the cache, then the next page will quickly appear as it loads from cache. In theory, this web accelerator is a great idea. But, it's also very impractical.

Some reasons why you should avoid using that kind of conventional Web accelerator:

  1. Since that kind of accelerator is busy downloading things in the background, many people find that they bog down the computer, and even make some things feel slower in the process.  Particularly with today's ''soft'' modems, the overall computer performance can be severely impacted as the modem is crunching away at full throttle all the time, trying to keep one step ahead of the user.
  2. Since the program automatically assumes you're going to visit every link that's on a page, your cache file is the first to suffer. Web pages you visit frequently will be deleted when the cache file starts to fill up with all this content that you never intended on viewing, and the cache begins to overwrite itself.  With a Web accelerator, this could happen every time you surf the 'Net, since it's storing every link on every page you visit.  As a result, your frequently viewed pages may need to be fetched every time, in many cases, actually making them slower than before you installed the "accelerator".  OUCH!

  3. Uninstalling one of these programs is sometimes a messy job. Often, users who install Web accelerators find the program was of zero benefit to them and immediately uninstall the program. What they find after completing uninstall is the Web accelerator didn't fully remove itself. They tend to leave messy residuals that require additional software to remove what uninstall didn't. This isn't a desirable feature of any piece of software.  Worse of all, if the program is one of those "FREE ACCELERATORS", you'll probably find is isn't free at all. It may be spyware or adware and it's infected your computer.  Remember, High Speed Lite does have a RISK FREE TRIAL, but it is a paid service, so we only make money if our product performs like we claim, and if you agree and remain a paying customer.  If High Speed Lite doesn't change your internet experience for the better, then it can be cleanly uninstalled and you are out nothing.  There is no adware or spyware involved.

High Speed Lite does NOT preload any web pages into your cache!  With High Speed Lite, your current Web page request is downloaded in real time, just at lightning fast speed.

High Speed Lite is not just a program, it is a system matching your web page request with our proprietary optimization technology and super fast servers to download your web pages up to 10 times faster using your current dial-up modem with no special equipment or telephone line. High Speed Lite is a one-of-a-kind service, for just pennies a day!

How does the High Speed Lite work?

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