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Surf The Net up to 10 Times Faster, anywhere you have Dial-up, GUARANTEED!

"High Speed Lite Guarantee"

You cannot get faster web page access with any standard dial-up connection in the world!

Our Revolutionary Technology - DOT™ (Data Optimization Technology) guarantees that you can surf the Internet faster with High Speed Lite™ Service.

The natural speed of data transported across the Internet varies with the time of day, the amount of traffic on the Internet, and the robustness of the overall Internet infrastructure at any given time. Accordingly, your personal throughput speeds will vary in proportion.  However, regardless of how slow your computer is, and regardless of how bad you line conditions are, High Speed Lite™ will make your internet connection faster, or it cost you NOTHING!

The throughput speeds of customers using High Speed Lite™connection will also vary in direct proportion to the speeds of the Internet with the above rated variables. In addition, the amount, or perception of throughput speeds are related to your platform and protocol. In other words, someone with an 3.2 Ghz, Pentium IV processor with 512Meg of RAM and a 56K v.92 modem, will notice a better performance overall than someone who has a 300 megahertz, Pentium II processor with 32Meg of RAM and a 28K modem.

Relating all of these factors to High Speed Lite™ software, we make this promise and guarantee to our customers:

Regardless of your dial-up platform and protocol, and no matter what the speed of the Internet is at any given time of day, you will surf the web faster, be more productive, use less bandwidth, open more pages faster, and enjoy more of the Internet than ever before with High Speed Lite™.  High Speed Lite™ will give you the ability to exceed the throughput speeds of your normal Dial-Up connection, no matter what the speed of the Internet is at any given time.

Finally, we GUARANTEE that when the speed enhancement technology is used, you will surf the Internet faster than ANY other standard dial-up service available or you owe us NOTHING!  If for any reason you do not like the speed enhancement feature of our High Speed Lite™ service, you can cancel your service at any time within the first 10 days, without disrupting your dial-up connection with us or other providers.  If you are not 100% thrilled, you can stop using the service and owe us nothing, no questions asked!

We won't be upset, that's what the guarantee is for.

OK, I want to start downloading up to 10 times faster using High Speed Lite™ Service, how do I do I order?.


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