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"Why Should I Use High Speed Lite for Dial-up Service?"

First of all, it is important to note that even though High Speed Lite's Data Optimization and Acceleration technology will substantially increase your web surfing speed, and even though it can rival the speed of broadband connections for some applications, it is not intended as a full replacement for DSL or Cable because of the technology's limitations.  Don't misunderstand us - High Speed Lite does have advantages over DSL and Cable, particularly the much lower price, and the fact that it is available to everyone with an internet connection.  However, we want to be sure you understand that this is not a full replacement for DSL or Cable, and the raw transfer speed of DSL & Cable will still be considerably faster for large file downloads.  That said, the average user will find High Speed Lite to be a great add-on to their present dial-up or low speed wireless service without the much higher price of DSL and cable.  Remember, we also GUARANTEE that it will speed up your web throughput up to 10 times faster than a standard dialup connection, or it costs you nothing.  You have nothing to loose!

Is it worth the money?  If your average time on the Internet is just 50 hours per month, chances are that many of those hours are spent waiting to get to to web sites, or waiting for pages to load, or waiting for graphics to FINALLY get onto your screen.  Of course, some of the time is spent viewing the content or printing the pages or reading or some other non speed dependent tasks.  If we can just triple your throughput speed, that would means that you would get to the same sites and see the same information and save hours of wasted time every month.  It is not uncommon for some of our Higher-use customers to tell us that High Speed Lite has saved them 30 to 50 hours per month in wasted time, and all for just a few cents per day.  Let us ask you - how much do you think you are worth?  Is 30 hours of your time worth a few cents per day?

Web-based email users tell us they are also saving many wasted hours per month. Nobody likes to sit around waiting for graphic intensive pages to appear on the computer screen.  Isn't it worth a few cents per day to avoid some of that aggravation?  Do you have family members taking turns and waiting to get online? Wouldn't it be worth a few cents to get everyone on & off the computer faster?

The High Speed Lite for Dial-up Service with DOT (Data Optimization Technology) is easy to install. No additional computer hardware, telephone line or software is required to use it.  Your existing computer and telephone modem is all it takes to use High Speed Lite.

And, this value-packed, speed-enhancing software is very affordable at just a few cents per day. There is a simple month-to-month pricing model with no long term contracts.  If you choose to pay quarterly or yearly, there are generous discounts available.  Best of all, you can try it for FREE!.  We 100% Guarantee that it WILL substantially increase your speed, or it costs you nothing!

But there are other web accelerators on the market, what are the advantages of High Speed Lite for Dial-up Service?


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