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Surf The Net up to 10 Times Faster, anywhere you have Dial-up, GUARANTEED!

"How can I become a Dealer, and offer all this to my Customers?"

The first step is to contact us and tell us a little about your business. We don't need to know your life story or all your trade secrets, we simply need to know who you are and what you are interested in, so that we can decide how we can best help you.   We have service plans to suit service providers of nearly any size.  Even if you only want to offer our High Speed Lite service to a few dozen of your customers, we can work with that.  Reseller plans start as little as $99, so every ISP can offer High Speed for Dialup.

Obviously, the more customers you convert or sell to High Speed Lite, the lower the pricing can be, due to economics of scale, but many of our ISP customers are small ISP, with only a few hundred customers.  On the other side of the scale, ISP's with many tens of thousands of customers can also offer this exciting service.

We want to get your started at whatever size you are at.  We firmly believe that we can help you grow your business, and we want your success to be exactly that - your success.  We retail the service at $3.99 per month, and as a dealer, our service can cost you as low as 50c each (depending on the quantity of customers supported), and you can get started for as little as $99. Even if you only charge $3.99 per month, that's a 400% profit margin.

There are no huge up front costs, and no long term commitments necessary.

High Speed Lite will speed your customer's connections, it will reduce your upstream bandwidth requirement, and it will increase customer satisfaction and reduce customer churn.  Your customers will be happier with the performance of their dialup connections, and will recommend your service to their associates.

So, first things first, CONTACT US VIA EMAIL and let us know how we can help you grow your business.


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