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I have never given a testimonial for any product. But I want people to discover what I have, and that is a blazing high speed dial-up software, reasonably priced. Actually, in all honesty the service is under priced for the blazing speed it delivers to my wimpy 28.8 dial-up connection. Folks, I can not imagine what High Speed Lite would do for a connection at a higher speed. I'm a budding day trader and speed is my goal, but not willing to pay broadband prices. They almost had me! I had the modem and a connection date, but never stopped looking for what my mind told me existed. High speed at a reasonable price and my commitment has paid off!!!

DO, Atlanta


Here's an actual speed test result I just ran. The results show 49870 cps x .008 = 398.9 kbs. WOW! That is over 800% faster than my standard dial-up. Try and beat that AOL and Earthlink and all you little guys.

Why would anyone want to use the "other guys"?



Wow! I am so grateful that this has come along. I ordered DSL 4 months ago and they still have not installed it. I cancelled my order because High Speed Lite service is getting me around faster than I ever imagined. I need to be fast in my business.

JS, Akron


Thanks for getting me hooked up with this.
P.S. Your customer service is fantastic!

AT, Los Angeles

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