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Did you take note of the results we got on our computer on the last web page? In our case, that was an actual test and it took 154 seconds to load, and our throughput speed was measured at 25k. I hope yours was as good or better.

But after we did this test, we repeated the test using the High Speed Lite Service. Again, these are actual results!

Test Result With High Speed Lite

Here you can see the test results with High Speed Lite on! In the above test example: 23300cps x .008 that's 186K. Now you know why we call it High Speed Lite! It is important to note that your test results will vary each time you initiate another test. Throughput speeds are governed by several factors: the time of day, the speed of the Internet at any given moment, your connection speed, the amount of traffic on the Internet at the moment of your test, etc. We did this test several times and this is our average, not our best nor our worse.  For certain, your results will not be exactly 23,300 cps, but they  should be in that ballpark, which in this case was 7.5 times faster than a our non-accelerated dialup account.  Best of all, it reduced the page loading time from 154 seconds to just 21 seconds, making this page load 130 seconds faster, and saving 2 minutes of wasted time.  Again, this is not the 'best possible case', and is simply average results.  This test page is graphic intensive, and speed increases of 7.5 times are typical for these sorts of graphic intensive pages.  You can expect similar results over regular dialup lines!

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